We donate 5% of our revenue to

Orphans in Africa

Why exactly Africa?

Africa is one of the top regions in the world most affected by the global water crisis.In Africa,
45% of deaths in children under the age of 5 are caused by poor nutrition.
In Africa, 650 people (including children) die every day from preventable diseases related to contaminated water.

Why exactly Orphans?

We believe that no child in this world should be suffering from hunger or any other problems.
The orphans in this case cannot even count on parents to support them in their life, and the poverty and illnesses in Africa don't make it easier.
We choose specifically Africa because there is not other place on the world where it is more difficult for these children.  


100% Donation Policy

We only donate to organizations that invest the full amount for the children.


Maximize Impact

It is important that the impact of donations is maximized through sustainable developments.